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Our Approach

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"At Zest, we help you take control of your health so you  become happier and more confident in your body and in your life."

You probably know what you could or should be doing for your health but you may not be managing to make it happen.  That's where Zest helps.  

With a depth of experience and knowledge in health and wellness, we guide you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Choose from one of our packages or contact us for a custom package.

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Getting to know you

We are the experts in wellness and you are the expert in your life.  With you at the centre, we get to know you beyond the superficial.  You know what works, you know what you've tried and you know what you're prepared to do.  We explore all the elements of your life, your strengths, your values, your mindset to tailor a program that's just right for you.

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Devising your plan

We look to a future vision of you in optimal health and wellness; what you want to achieve; how you want to look, act and feel. We then devise a plan on how to get you there. Using evidence based knowledge and techniques  in behaviour change, motivational interviewing and positive psychology, we break down these goals into bite sized chunks.  

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Implementing change

Now for the doing part ... and you are not on your own.  You have a  partner and guide every step of the way.  You will build momentum, motivation and mindfulness.   You will learn to boost self command, drive and accountability that leaves you feeling inspired and determined at every step. 

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Keeping on track

What gets measured, gets managed. By keeping track of your progress, you will see results and you will feel motivated and in control.  Every small win is a step in the direction of who you want to become.  We use regular check-ins and a range of methods to follow your progress and celebrate all your wins no matter how big or small. 

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Re-evaluate and revise

This is a fluid process governed by you.  We continually assess what is working and what is not.  We anticipate barriers and roadblocks to set you up for success, adopting a trial and correction mindset.  There is no failure, only opportunities to learn and grow. Often, it's the small start that makes everything else possible and the a-ha moments and lightbulb moments reinforce momentum.

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