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Weight Management

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Taking a holistic look at weight loss for long term and sustainable results

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Did you know that even a 5% weight loss can improve blood sugar levels, heart health, sleep, energy levels, self-esteem, mobility and libido!  It can also help decrease risk of certain cancers, stroke, joint pain and arthritis.  


Did you know people who lose half to1kg of weight per week are more likely to keep it off?

What do you need help with?

  • portion and serving size,

  • food choices and healthy alternatives,

  • easy and simple meal planning,

  • specific diets including fasting and low carb,

  • what to look for on food and nutrition labels,

  • emotional and unconscious eating.

We look at all the measurements of weight management, not just the scale; how your clothes fit, your energy levels, your mood, your self-esteem, your confidence. What is weight loss going to really give you? You deserve that!


You know what needs to change, you know what you’re prepared to do and what will make the

most difference to your life, your health and your confidence. You want to look in the mirror

and like what you see. We can make that happen for you!

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