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"It's changed my life."

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Age: 52

Works part time

Mother with 3 kids

Why did you contact Zest?  

I was experiencing a lack of motivation, my self-esteem wasn’t great and I wanted to lose some weight.

How has health coaching helped?

Caitlin helped me learn skills and specific techniques that I’ve been able to take with me into my life after we finished working together.  I now know what to do to get back on track.  I have more energy and I know the support is there by phone or in person.  I have come to learn that I am stronger than I thought.  I learnt new ways to tackle something that I want to accomplish and learnt how to do things step by step and break it down into achievable steps.  I can now make changes to habits with minimal work now that I know how to and knowing that support is there when I need it.

Would you recommend Zest?

Health coaching has really been amazing. It’s changed my life.  I think Health Coach is a perfect title for what Caitlin does.  She works with you to find the best possible solution that suits YOU.  It’s not a cookie cutter approach, but very individualised and that’s why it works.  There’s no pressure, Caitlin works with you to come up with a plan that suits the way you live.  I would say to someone thinking of doing some health coaching…just give it a try, you don’t have to commit if it’s not for you, but do give it a try…

"I now know what to do to get back on track"

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Age: 46

Recently returned to the work force

Why did you contact Zest?  

I was experiencing poor health;  I was overweight and I had brain fog.

How has health coaching helped?

Working with Caitlin, I realised I had the power to turn things around. Her zoom meetings helped keep me accountable and kept me mentally motivated to make changes.  My bloods are now normal, my brain fog has lifted, and I’ve achieved a 30kg weight loss!

Would you recommend Zest?

All we can do is try to better ourselves and Caitlin will give you the tools that you need.  She listens, really listens and as a result coaches you with the right tools to achieve the results you are looking for.  Caitlin also practices what she preaches and is a strong motivator.

"I have the power to turn things around"

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Age: 54

HR Manager

Works full time

Why did you contact Zest?  

I was overweight, feeling bloated and tired.  I wanted to lose weight and feel fit and healthy.  I was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic, but I did not want to commence medication.

How has health coaching helped?

The best bit about coaching has been being held accountable and being offered strategies to set myself up for success.  By setting small, achievable goals, and being accountable really contributed to some positive shifts in my health.  


I have lost 10kg, and 10cm off my waist.  I am no longer pre-diabetic, and all my recent bloods were in the normal range.  This was all achieved within 12 months. I feel healthy. I have more energy and my clothes are now loose.  I have stuck to intermittent fasting for over 12 months, and this is now part of my lifestyle…my husband has also joined the intermittent fasting journey and has lost 5kg.

Would you recommend Zest?

Caitlin is very approachable and understanding.  Caitlin takes the time to listen to you and understand your needs. She is open-minded and easy to build rapport with.  She is very knowledgeable about health, wellness, diet, and exercise.  Caitlin is awesome.

Book your appointment with her ASAP, you won’t regret it!

"I am no longer prediabetic"

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